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Filter elements
1.   pdf button   Oil Filter Overview On Most Common Series
 2.   pdf button   RP-Series ̶ Filter Elements for Industrial Hydraulic and Lube Oil Applications
 3.   pdf button   RTF-Series ̶ Retrofit Filter Elements
Filter Housings
 1.   pdf button   R83 ̶ Sometimes it is Gold that Glitters
 2.   pdf button   R8370 ̶ Duplex Filter Unit
 1.   pdf button   CNFP20 ̶ Oil Purifier Series, mobile or permanent
 2.   pdf button   CNFP70G ̶ Oil Purifier Series, High Viscosity Oil Purifier
Marketing Support for our Business Partners
1.   pdf button   Flyer Clever1000 - You're welcome to get it printed with your data in the field of "YOUR CONTACT"

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